Students Dismissal:

Students are dismissed from the programme for failure to make satisfactory academic progress. Students failing to maintain the required CGPA (2.00) in two consecutive terms will be dropped out of the programme. However, students dropped out of the programme may appeal to the Dean / Head of the Department for re-admission, with a guarantee of significant improvement in the next results.

Additional Facilities for Weak Students:

The month-long English Language Camp is open for both undergraduate and graduate students. Respective faculty members are always keen to help weak students during the newly introduced Consultation Hours.

Student Adviser:

A teacher of the respective Department is appointed as an Adviser to each batch of students. All students should keep liaison with their advisers as their first point of contact regarding any issues related to the University. It may be mentioned that Student Adviser appointment may be revised at the end of each term or at any time.

Registration Validity:

Once a student has been registered for a course, the registration will remain valid for two years in addition to the regular degree period.


Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Duration: 4 years
Suppose, a student is admitted in January 2015. So, the registration will be valid for
4 years duration (till December 2018) + Two years (January 2019 to December 2020) = December 2020.


Master of Business Administration (MBA), Duration: 2 years.

Suppose, a student is admitted in January 2015. So, the registration will be valid for
2 years duration (till December 2016) +Two years (January 2017 to December 2018) = December 2018.


LL.B. (Preliminary), Duration: 1 year.

Suppose, a student is admitted in January 2015. So, the registration will be valid for
1 year duration (till December 2015) +Two years (January 2016 to December 2017) = December 2017.

In the same way, the time period is applicable for LL. B. (Final) course.

If any student fails to complete the degree programme within the registration period, he/she has to re-register for the programme and will have to begin from the first term of the course again. Any number or financial amount is not transferable in such a case.

Rules and Regulations of Examinations:

A term comprises of a period of four months. Each course carries 100 marks out of which 60 marks are for Internal Exam and 40 marks for Term Final Exam. 60 marks include 10 marks for attendance, 20 marks for assignment and/or class test and 30 marks for Mid Term Exam.

A student will not be allowed to appear at any term final examination if his/her class attendance is below 60%.

Every student has to fill up Exam Entry Form before term final exam.

A student will have to clear up all dues of the University before filling up Examination Entry Form for term final examination.

Every student has to pass at least 2 courses in each term. Otherwise he/she will not have the opportunity for next promotion.

If a student fails in any course in the term final exam or remains absent from appearing at any or  drops one such, he/she will have to seat for Supplementary Exam after one month of the term final exam. Students will not be allowed to seat for supplementary examination for more than two courses.

Procedure of Retake of course:

1. Not more than 4 courses at a time.

2. A student will be allowed to retake courses after end of time period of the programme- that is:

  • For BBA – after 4th year 2nd term.
  • For EEE, CSE, LL.B (H) , BA (H) ENG – after 4th year 3rd term.
  • For MBA- after 5th term.
  • For MA Final, Preliminary Eng- after 3rd term.
  • For LL.B Preliminary, Final- after 3rd term.

3. Students will have to retake the course if:

  • He/she drops the course when course is offered.
  • He/she remains absent from appearing at examinations of 60 and 40 marks.
  • He/she fails in 60 marks examination.

International grading system is followed in results.

Results of term final examination are published after 15 days of Final Exam.

Result processing system is maintained by software.

Transcripts, Provisional Certificates will be issued after seven working days of submission of application to the Office of the Controller of Examinations.