In every term, date for admission test and date for registration are notified for general information in the daily newspapers and the Notice Board of the University.


There will be three terms in a year. The duration and schedule of each term shall be as follows:


  • Spring Term     : January – April
  • Summer Term  : May – August
  • Autumn Term   : September – December


Generally terms are divided into following activities:


  • Advising & Registration: 1st Week – 2nd Week of 1st month
  • English Language Camp & Regular Class: 3rd Week of 1st month
  • Mid Term Examination: 1st Week of 3rd month
  • Final Examination: 3rd Week of 4th month


Registration Procedures:


  • Completing an Admission form within the specified date for admission test accompanied by one copy of each previous academic results (mark sheets) and four copies passport size photographs.
  • Submission of admission forms and required papers to the Admission Officer. (original copies of the mark sheets and certificates must be produced)
  • Successful results in Admission Test.
  • Payments of fees at the designated Bank Account.
  • Obtaining an identification number.




Course Allocation:


A total of three or four courses will be assigned by each Department, to be completed within the term.


Credit Transfer from other Universities:


Students with good academic records from any other recognised university are eligible for transfer of their credits to Metropolitan University. The students so transferred must produce transcripts of courses and grades together with the previous academic records in original with a photocopy of each document. The original documents will be returned to the student after necessary verification. These transcripts will be evaluated by the Equivalence Committee of the Metropolitan University for admission.


Course Waiver:


Students with extensive academic or professional experience may apply for course waiver by writing a ‘Request for Course Waiver’ Application Form. The application should be accompanied by proper academic and experience documents in original with a photocopy of each document to the respective Head of the Department of the particular programme. The original documents will be returned to the student after necessary action.


  • The minimum acceptable levels of the courses are a ‘B’ grade or over 60 percent marks in the specific subject.
  • All formalities must be approved by the Equivalence Committee of the Metropolitan University.


Admission of foreign Students:


Foreign students meeting equivalent admission qualification are eligible for admission as regular students or as special students for full duration or a part of the duration and may acquire transfer credits. In case of the latter, the recommended minimum duration of residence in the first year and the second year is one term. The University may enroll foreign students under an Exchange Programme established between The Metropolitan University and students of the concerned University.


Admission is also open to all those who wish to pursue courses or a course as non-degree students to improve their knowledge or acquire new skills. Students are also admitted for specific Certificates or Diploma courses.




Attendance is regarded as a part of the course requirement. The expected attendance is 90 percent of classes held. A student may be debarred from appearing at the course final examination if his/her attendance falls below 60 percent. Students are given marks on class attendance.