The Admission Committee as per the rules of the University conducts the admission process. The students will be admitted in a term of an academic year in the individual discipline of different schools. A student will be eligible for re-admission in the first year first term of the subsequent session if she/he was present in at least 25% of the classes and may be assigned the original Registration Number.


After admission, every student will be assigned to an Adviser who will guide him/her through the term system. The Adviser will maintain a Student Card containing complete academic records of the student,  a duplicate copy will be supplied to the student at the end of every term. There are three terms available in the University namely Spring, Summer and Autumn. The duration of each term will be as follows:

Spring term: January to April.
Summer term: May to August.
Autumn term: September to December.

Each term comprises of classes, assignments, class tests, Mid Term examinations and Final Examinations. Government holidays are applicable as per Government schedule and notification.