M.Sc. in MIS

  • ID: 2985

The Master of Science(M.Sc) programme in MIS is intended for students who want to obtain specialised education in Management Information…

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  • ID: 803

The Master of business Administration (MBA) programme is a professional graduate programme for individuals who plan to assume managerial positions…

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M.A. in English (Final)

  • ID: 800

Masters of Arts (Final) in English is the highest degree the department of English at present offers. The programme is…

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M.A. in English (Preliminary & Final)

  • ID: 799

Master of Arts (Preliminary) in English is a programme parallel to Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in English leading to Master…

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LL.M. (1 year & 2 year)

  • ID: 797

The syllabus containing 12 courses is prescribed in its entirety for LL.M.(Master of Laws) for the students who have already…

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