B.Sc. Engg. in CSE

  • ID: 811

The B.Sc. Engineering (CSE) programme is a 48(forty-eight)-months study of 12 semesters for regular students. A student should complete at…

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B.Sc.Engg. in EEE

  • ID: 815

Electrical and Electronic Engineering is a fundamental branch of engineering and its importance is increasing day by day in Bangladesh…

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  • ID: 812

In today’s era of business, the core of sustainable success is the available of competent managers. The prime objective of…

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B.Sc. in Economics

  • ID: 808

The Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Economics program designed by Metropolitan University aims at preparing students for career in a…

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B.A. (Hons.) in English

  • ID: 810

The era of post-modern English has now more than ever wider peripheries of needs, richer ideas to explore and better…

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LL.B. (Hons.)

  • ID: 809

The LL.B (Honours) programme offered in this department will be a unique programme of its kind offered anywhere. The courses…

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LL.B. (Preliminary & Final)

  • ID: 798

The LL.B. (Preliminary & Final) Programme offered by the Department of Law & Justice, Metropolitan University, is a two year…

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