Metropolitan University maintains a standard Examination Schedule for students. A student will be evaluated continuously in the course system, for theoretical classes s/he will be accessed by class participation, assignments and quizzes, mid-term and term final examination. A student will not appear at the examination if his/her class attendance in that course is less than 60%.
There should be at least one assignment and class test. The course teacher may decide the relative mark distribution between the assignment, tutorial and class test. Marks of assignments, class test and tutorials are calculated with final result.

There will be only one Mid-term examination for every course in the middle of the semester according to the department schedule. Mid-Term examination will carry the weight of 30 marks. Generally term final examination is held end of the semester. A notice is sent to the class room to inform students about examination date and last date of entry form fill up. For all terms there should be 2 hours final examination for every course of 3 credits. However, the examination committee can allow longer or shorter duration for final examination. Examination is taken in two sessions Morning and Evening.