A fully professional team is being engaged t the administration purpose. Team consist of multi-disciplinary professionals. Thus  students can get their assistance in all aspects. The team provides following assistance to the students:

1.Admission Counselling
2.Academic Advising and Counselling
3.Academic Affairs
4.Computer Support Service
5.Acountinfg Services
6.Academic Assessment


The Classrooms are wide and spacious with audio-video facilities, air- conditioned and scientifically designed with modern acoustics,. One of the unique qualities of the University is to constraint the classroom to limited students. So the teacher can deliver their lectures easily and can reply the queries of the student adequately

Financial Aid

Metropolitan University provides financial support to the students and there is a caring tuition fee policy available to give financial aid. The students having Golden A+ in both SSC & HSC will be given full tuition waiver. 50% tuition waiver is available for those with sibling/ward of freedom fighters (Submission of a Freedom Fighter Certificates from appropriate authority is a must). Besides, there are more waiver policies offered depending on academic results.

Metropolitan University has various scholarship schemes to support the students financially. A student who has secured A+ in all the courses in three consecutive term examinations can apply for Chairman’s Scholarship. Likewise, Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship also exists for the students of Metropolitan University.


Metropolitan University offers various scholarship schemes to financially support the meritorious students. A student may avail himself or herself of the scholarship with his/her previous performance or current performance. Scholarship inspires a student to boost up concentration in study and career building. Information regarding scholarship is given below.

Scholarship Information:
100%  tuition fees waiver to those who scored GPA Grade ‘A+’ in both SSC & HSC exams.
75% tuition fees waiver to those who secured GPA Grade ‘A’ in both SSC and HSC.

50% tuition fees waiver to those with GPA Grade points 9 at SSC and HSC.

25% tuition fees remission to those with GPA Grade points 8 at SSC and HSC.
Waivers will be awarded initially for 1(one) year subject to review at the end of the year. Continuation of the waivers is subject to evaluation of performance of term results.

Chairman Scholarship:
One must secure A+ in all the courses in three consecutive term examinations. Total value of Scholarship is Tk.1000 per month for 12 months.

Vice Chancellor Scholarship:
One must secure A+ in all the courses excepting one with minimum A. Total value of the Scholarship is Tk. 750 per month for 12 months.


There is a standard accommodation arrangement for the student of Metropolitan University. University avails hostel facilities for the female students. University hostel is situated at heart of the city near University campus with a pretty residential environment as well.

A female student can easily confirm a seat in hostel by following some easy procedure. She just needs to inform University authority to get a seat there then fill up a form regarding some academic and personal information. University will immediately allow her to shift in hostel. University Hostel has 24/7 electricity and all other services available including a strong security management.

Credit Transfer

In Metropolitan University, the students can avail themselves of credit transfer system. The students with good academic records from other recognised University are eligible to transfer their credits to Metropolitan University. They will be cordially welcomed by the University. The transferred students must have transcripts of courses and grades together with the copies of other previous academic records.

These transcripts will be evaluated by Equivalence Committee of Metropolitan University for necessary verification. Facilities are also available for the students of Metropolitan University to transfer their credits to some other renowned Universities of Canada, USA, UK and Australia. The University will provide transcripts of courses and grades for this purpose