Hostel of Metropolitan University is maintained by strong rules and regulations. Students who have joined the hostel must obey the rules given by hostel authority. Hostel supervisor is concerned of all activities being done in hostel. There are two record book placed on Hostel reception desk in which the name and the movement of the students are listed. A Student must sign in and sign out on record book while entering or leaving the Hostel.

Short Time Leave:
Student while going to University or leaving the hostel for a day must signature on hostel record book and it is compulsory to come back before certain time. After coming back it is needed to signature in record book again to ensure that a student has safely come under hostel authority.

Long Time Leave:
If any student want to leave hostel for few days, an application should be written to hostel supervisor for taking permission. Hostel leaving date and the returning date must be mentioned in the application. If the application is accepted student may leave hostel by giving a signature on record book.
Permanent Leave:

Anytime a student can leave the hostel permanently by writing an application to hostel authority.
Only the female guardian may visit the hostel during visiting hour. Other visitors or relatives are not allowed to enter in the hostel.