Metropolitan University has up to date lab facilities for students to make available practical knowledge on relative courses. There are various sorts of lab for the students of various departments. There is an Internet Lab for frequent online services. The students of Metropolitan University can avail the services of internet lab for refreshment and surfing internet. The University has three computer labs which contain 120 computers. All these high configuration computers are connected by networks and include environment to perform different types of computer programme in C, C++, Java, php, SQL etc.

Generally in Lab Classes projectors are used to make student better understand. The Electronics and Electrical laboratory is equipped with various types of resistors, variable rheostat, inductor, capacitor, dc and ac power supplies, switches, lamp boards, ammeters, voltmeters, clamp -on-meters, variances, oscilloscopes etc. It also has digital trainer board , logic prove , IC tester, IC extractor, digital meters , data switches and wide ranges of digital ICs of TTL and CMOS series. Electronics lab is capable to serve a student to completely finish his/her project or work.