Metropolitan University has a rich library to provide necessary and adequate services to the faculty and students. The library is automated and having books, journals, publications, magazines and other paper based and electronic collection of resources on Modern Development, Management, Business, Economics, Law, Computer Science, Telecom Engineering, Sociology etc. The library is a progressive and dynamic resource centre which supports the curricula and research needs of the University.

Student must apply to the librarian for a library card to borrow the books from library and students must return the borrowed books. The Librarians of University cordially help students to find books and information and many things. Each day many students of the University come here to complete assignment, some other doing research, some other busy with readings and some other busy with group study. Inside of the library there is a desk only for newspapers. Many students come into library and at first they read newspaper and then leave from there and some become busy with study. This is not only a library but also a source of inspiration.