3. Violations of Code

3.1 Acts of Academic Dishonesty

  • Plagiarism: Representing the work of another as one’s own work.
  • Preparing work for another that is to be used by the other as his/her own work.
  • Cheating.
  • Knowingly and willfully falsifying of manufacturing scientific or educational data & representing the work to be the result of one’s own research & experimentation.
  • Knowingly furnishing false information to a University official about academic matters.

3.2 Acts of social or personal Misconduct

  • Physical abuse.
  • Direct threat of violence, either verbal or written.
  • Intimidation, either verbal or written.
  • Participation in any activity to disrupt any function of the University by force or violence.
  • Reckless behavior representing a danger to any person (S).

3.2.2 Intentional obstruction or interference

Intentional obstruction or interference with any person’s right to attend or participate in any University function.

3.2.3 Causing fear and apprehension

Causing fear and apprehension using misrepresentation, misinformation, force or coercion to solicit support, signatures or participation in activities of a subversive nature or detrimental to the normal functioning of the University.

3.2.4 Misconduct

Any conduct, expression or language considered improper in interacting with faculty members, University official and staff.

3.2.5 Property damage

  • Arson.
  • Willful or malicious damage or destruction of property.
  • Reckless behavior causing damage to property.


3.2.6 Possession and/or use of weapons

  • Firearms.
  • Explosives and/or explosives devices such as bombs, cocktails and the like.
  • Fireworks except as and when authorized by a designated University official.
  • Knives, clubs and any implement that is used with the intension to inflict harm/injury.

3.2.7 Disobedience

  • Disobedience, interference, resistance or failure to comply with the directive of the member of the University senior to him/her.
  • Trespassing and other forms of unauthorised presence.

3.2.8 Deception

  • Furnishing false information to the University with the intent to deceive.
  • Forgery, alteration or misuse of University documents, records or
  • identification cards.
  • Forgery or issuing a bad cheque with intent to defraud.

3.2.9 Theft

  • Misappropriation or conversion of University fund, supplies, equipment, labour, materials, space and facilities.
  • Possession, storing or transport of stolen University.
  • Aiding or abetting to theft of University property.

3.2.11 Drugs or controlled substances

  • Manufacture.
  • Sale or delivery
  • Unauthorised  possession and/or use.

3.2.12 Indecent behavior

Disorderly actions or commitment of any lewd activity, including indecent or uncalled for remarks for exposure that demonstrate obscene conduct or uncalled  for remarks or exposure that demonstrate obscene conduct and indecency.

3.2.13 Tarnishing University image

Behavior on or off campus that affects the University, the university’s image or functioning in any unmannerly way.

3.2.14 Other violation
Violation of University policies beyond the code of conduct