1. Preamble

Upon admission into Metropolitan University (MU), a student accepts the mission of the University and is subject to the following principles:

1.1 All human beings are endowed by their Creator with certain rights and no student, faculty or staff of the University may infringe upon the rights of fellow members of MU.

1.2 The goal of MU is advancement of knowledge, which cannot occur without a safe and comfortable learning environment. All persons working at and attending MU are responsible for the creation and maintenance of such an environment.

1.3 The University learning environment must be such in which views of all persons’ views are listened to and tolerated unless they violate Principles 1.1 and 1.2 (mentioned above). Learning in democratic society must take place through the free exchange of ideas.

The Metropolitan University students’ code of conduct has been formulated with the goal of upholding the stated mission. It is the responsibility of the University to make this code of conduct available to all members of the University, so that in case of violations and subsequent convening of meeting and action by the disciplinary Committee, all measures and procedures are clear to all parties concerned. Violations of the code of conduct shall invoke disciplinary process as outlined in this document. Actions will be commensurate with the seriousness of the offence and may include suspension or in extreme cases, expulsion from the University. Repeated offences justify increasingly severe actions.

2. Code of Conduct

2.1. Free Expression and Disruption

Being an academic institution, the University is committed to the open expression and constructive debate of alternative views, theory and data. It recognizes and respect all peaceful and non-obstructive forms of dissent, weather individuals of collective, that are within the University regulation and which do not interfere with the regular and essential operation of the University. Disruption, in this context, has been defined as an action or combination of action by an individual or an group that unreasonably interferes with hinders, obstructs or prevents the smooth and regular functioning and operation of Metropolitan University, including holding classes and conductive all administrative functions. If all action is determined the University authority as disruptive, authorised officials have the right to restrain or prohibit such a behavior.

2.2 Intolerance

The University aims to upholding and also strives to maintain an environment that is tolerant and respectful towards others irrespective of gender, race, religion, class, political affiliation, caste, status or position in the University or the community at large. To this end in view, intolerance refers to an attitude, feeling or belief wherein an individual shows contempt for other individuals or group based on the characteristics mention above. As stated in the policy statement on free expression, the expression of divers views and opinions is encourage and any attempts to hamper such expression will be considered an act of disruption by University authority.

2.3 Physical Abuse

Metropolitan University is committed to the safety and well being of all its members and strives to maintain an environment that is free from act of violence. University will not tolerate any act of physical violence such as beating, punching, kicking and unwanted physical contact with a person and the like by any member of the university community

2.4 Smoking

Metropolitan University desires to achieve a public environment as closed to being smoke free as practicable. Achieving this goal will require the willing less understanding, and patience of all members of the campus is clear that they are being forced to smoke involuntarily. It is the responsibility of all members of the campus community to observe prohibitions of these guidelines and those who choose to smoke may do so in “Smoking Permitted” areas

The following guidelines are designed to achieve this goal:

(a) Smoking s prohibited in all indoor locations of the University.

(b) Any other area designated as “non-smoking” by the University.