Orientation Programme Summer 2023 Department of Software Engineering (SWE)
Orientation Programme Summer 2023, Department of Software Engineering (SWE) will be held on 22nd July 2023. Welcoming Batch: SWE- 5th Room: (403) Programme Schedule:
Time Event (s)
09:30 AM Inauguration of the Orientation Programme Spring 2023 and Welcoming freshers with flower sticks
09:45 AM Freshers introduction
10:00 AM Welcome speech -Vice President, SWE Innovators Forum
10:10 AM About the Department & Programme -? ? ? ? Nawshad Ahmed Chowdhury, Assistant Professor
10:15 AM Competitive Programming -? ? ? ? Nazia Sultana Chowdhury, Lecturer / Akram Chowdhury, Lecturer
10:20 AM About the Student Activities and Clubs -? ? ? ? Wadia Iqbal Chowdhury, Lecturer
10:25 AM About Proctorial Rules and Regulation
  • Rina Paul, Lecturer
10:30 AM About Career in SWE
  • Al Akram Chowdhury
10:35 AM About Sexual Abuse and Harassment Prevention -? ? ?Ms.?Sanjida Chowdhury?(The Sexual Harassment and Prevention Committee)
10:45 AM IT activities -Sameer Ahmed Shetu, Assistant Director (IT)
11:00 AM Speech: Professor Dr. Mohammad? Jahirul Hoque,? Honourable Vice Chancellor.
11:20 AM Speech: Professor Dr. Md. Nazrul Haque Chowdhury, Dean, SoST
11:35 AM Speech: The Head of the Department Fuad Ahmed, Associate Professor
11:50 AM Library rules and regulations -Mr. Mashruf Ahmed Chowdhury, Deputy Librarian / Someone from Library Section)
12:00 PM Account policy -Mr. Md. Enamul Haque, Director (finance) / An Account Section Member
12:10 PM Express of Feelings from a Fresher
12:20 PM Exam rules and regulations : (Examination Controller Section) Khondakar Moksud Ahmed, Controller of Examination
12:30 PM Speech: The Student Advisor Professor Choudhury M Mukammel Wahid, Additional Director, IQAC
12:40 PM Proctorial rules and regulations -Dr. Mohammad Jamal Uddin, Proctor /Someone from proctorial body
12:50 PM Refreshment
01:00 PM Cultural Programme organized by SWEIF
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