Digital Campus

Access to education is becoming increasingly democratized through social dialogue, online learning, greater digital access and mobility, but the future of higher education no longer rests in the physical campus alone. Metropolitan University believes embracing digital is vital to remaining competitive in the future.

Metropolitan University explores how a change of mindset along with a digital campus can offer the university an opportunity to ensure that it can compete and excel in the contemporary digital environment. And it also offers an answer to an age old problem – how to maintain and leverage a vibrant university community after its members leave the campus.


Digital Facilities Available in the Campus

Metropolitan University City Campus provides the following facilities:

CCTV Coverage

High Speed Internet Connection

Wide range of Wifi Coverage

Biometric Faculty & Staff Attendance

University Automation System for processing student’s biographic and academic data.


Future Plans with Digitalization

With a joined up digital campus the university students might feel more satisfied, engaged, and more capable to manage their academic schedule. That is why Metropolitan University aims for a global future. Along with currently available digital facilities, the university plans to arrange smart-technology based multimedia labs and classrooms in order to make globally competent graduates. Digital campus would provide necessary information not only to the students but also to faculty, alumni, and non academic staff and keep them updated with the situation of the university.

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