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Programme Summary

The LL.M. (Master of Laws) Programme offered in this Department is an internationally recognized graduate Law Degree. Law Students and professionals frequently pursue the LL.M. to gain expertise in the field of Law. LL.M. (1 Year) Programmes are designed to adequately equip the students to achieve expertise in Legal arena. Moreover, these progammes will enable the students to do excellent result in the examination arranged by Bangladesh Judicial Service Commission and Bangladesh Bar Council. It is also expected that LL.M. degree holders will be efficiently equipped to go for Legal research and higher studies in Law. Present world especially our country is looking for Advocates, Judges with legal acumen who can help restore peace, order for the greater humanity. MU Law & Justice Department is committed to helping the learners to become a person of global standard.

Fees and Funding

Admission Fee
(One time)
(Per Semester)
Co-curricular Activities Fee
(Per Semester)
Campus Activities
(Per Month)
Monthly Installment of Credit fees
(Calculated on the basis of Credit System)**
20,000 15,000 500 1000 2000

How to Apply

The completed Application Form must be submitted to the Admissions Office with the following documents:

  1. Photocopies of Birth Certificate/ National ID/ Passport
  2. Four (04) copies of Passport size colour photographs
  3. Blood Group
  4. Original and one set of Photocopy of all Educational Certificates & Mark sheets.


Every person has a dream to build up himself/herself with a profession in where he/she can get reputation and a prosperous life. Student life is ripe time to select the arena of study to fulfill that dream. In world most students select law as a branch of study to reach in their destination. Considering some objectives and way of education, it is also called professional subject. Like a few other branches of education law enables a student to excel himself up serving the best to the society, as well as the country. The magnitude of the subject can easily be traced staring at the universities admission struggle against a single seat by more than hundred students. Degree in law crates the scope to the holders to step into the doors of the following professions:

First wish and opportunity of law student is to be an advocate. An advocate can conduct any suit or case before any lower court situated in Bangladesh. To be an advocate, it is firstly needed to have a ‘Sanad’ from Bangladesh Bar Council. For this, some procedure must be maintained. After obtaining law degree, a student needs to join with a senior advocate entering into a contract of pupilageship who has practiced at least 10 year before lower court. After expiring 6 months of contract as per as the schedule of Bangladesh Bar Council, he/she will be eligible to sit for the examination of ‘Sanad’. Firstly, student has to give a preliminary test of 100 marks. After passing successfully in the preliminary examination the candidate will appear for written examination. And lastly successful candidate will be selected through a viva-voce. Selected candidate will be enrolled as an advocate to their chosen Bar Association as well Bangladesh Bar Council.
In every country Barristers are respected by all. To be a barrister it is needed to have a Bar Vocational Course of eight to nine months from one of the four Inns of Court such as Lincoln’s Inn, Inner Temple, Middle Temple, and Gray’s in of England. But the prerequisite to do the same is a law degree from any university or college of England. In our country many institutions affiliated with the university and college of England offer law degree. So, the first step can be done in our country but to get BVC course you have to go to England. Who have completed LL.B. (Hon’s.) degree from any reputed university in Bangladesh will get exemption of some subjects from the total subjects. But barrister is not an advocate. Barrister is not a mandatory requirement to practice before any courts or tribunals. To be an advocate the condition is as like as other with some exceptions described in the enrollment procedures of Bar Council. To stand before any court to conduct the suit or case ‘Sanad’ is a must.
In every organization to deal their legal matters legal advisor or law officer are appointed. So, the students of law have only the opportunity to be a legal advisor or a law officer in this regard. Generally, minimum requirements to be the same is a law degree with second class or LL.B. (Hon’s.) with LL.M. In most cases advocates are preferred for the post. In many Government organizations, Nongovernment organization, Defense service (Bangladesh Army, Bangladesh Navy, Bangladesh Air Force), Bank, University, Real Estate Company, and so on law graduates can be engaged as a legal advisor. Advertisement is frequently published in daily newspapers to recruit legal advisor for many reputed organizations.
The law graduates who have brilliant aademic background and want to play vital role in establishing justice in society may intent to be judge in lower court or judge of Supreme Court. After the separation of judiciary from executive, Judicial Service Commission is responsible to regulate the procedures for appointing judges of lower court. Requirements for applying for the post of Assistant Judge are LL.B. degree with second class or LL.M with second class. The recruitment procedure is continued through Preliminary Test of 100 marks, Written Test of 1000 marks and viva-voce of 100 marks. Pass marks of preliminary, written test and viva-voce are 55%, 50%, and 50% respectively. To qualify in the examination, it is needed to have a vast knowledge of both substantive and procedural laws alongwith Bangladesh affairs, International affairs, Bangla, English, Math and General Science. To be judge in the Supreme Court of Bangladesh it is needed to practice as an advocate in Supreme Court at least 10 years or judicial officer who has performed for 10 years will be eligible for the same.
Law graduates can work with some fields of law which bear a great importance in the present global context. It is needed to have a better knowledge and also much interest on those subjects. In this way a lawyer may also be termed depending upon one’s choice and specialization as Environmental Lawyer, Immigration Lawyer, Income Tax Lawyer, Human Rights Lawyer, Labour Advisor etc.
It is another opportunity for those law graduates who have strong academic background and a great fascination for becoming an academician in universities or other institutions where law is taught. Actually, it shall not be proper to treat teaching as a profession as here you have the opportunity to enlighten someone with your knowledge who will try to do the best to the society.
Sometimes interest on research may be created by anyone but he/she will have to know the research methodology and have a habit of studying a lot of books, Journals, Newspaper, or other academic materials of different spheres of law or other branches. Organizations appoint researcher to do the same in a specific issue selected by them.
Government service especially Cadre service attracts many times to the law graduates. First Class gazetted Officers in different branches or department of government are appointed by Public service Commission through BCS (Bangladesh Civil Service) and other examination conducted by Public Service Commission or other government organization. Students of law can compete for general post in no-cadre services. Besides, student can compete for other government services. To be successful in this arena, law graduates need a vast knowledge on Bangladesh Affairs, International Affairs, Bangla, English, Math, and General Science.
Law graduates can also join in Non-governmental Organization holding various posts which are not related with law. He may be banker, administrative officer etc.
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