The department of English houses a set of vibrant, devoted and diverse teachers. They provide students with an excellent education in the liberal arts—one that strikes an ideal balance between creativity and critical inquiry.

The syllabus, designed with utmost care, aims at simultaneously improving the language skills of the students and deepening their knowledge of literature. The courses have been selected by constantly comparing them with courses in similar programs offered at outstanding universities of home and abroad. The aim in doing so has always been to bring it more into line with international developments in the field. While the literature courses are mainly following an established English canon, the language and linguistics courses have been refurbished with the latest ideas, theories and practices in the field. The literature courses, however, in their turn, are given a focus that interfaces Anglo-American culture with our own. The students will also have a taste of other literatures both classical and contemporary. The principle behind it is to make students see the integrative as well as the disintegrative aspects of different cultures, and to find out a way to a holistic understanding of literature and language.

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