Metropolitan University Sylhet Prioritizes Environmental Conservation

Metropolitan University in Bateshwar, Sylhet, showed its commitment to environmental sustainability with a vibrant tree plantation programme, attended by key figures, including Dr. Toufique Rahman Chowdhury, Chairman of the Board of Trustees.

During the event, Dr. Toufique Rahman Chowdhury emphasized the university's enduring dedication to environmental preservation. The programme featured the formal inauguration of a tea tree planting initiative in a specially designated dune area, earmarked for exhibition and research programme. This initiative serves as a testament to Metropolitan University's vision for a greener future.

Among the distinguished attendees were Tanwir M. O. Rahman Chowdhury, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees; Professor Dr. Mohammad Jahirul Hoque, Vice Chancellor; and Dr. Mohammad Jamal Uddin, Dean of the School of Business and Economics. The event also saw active participation from academic and administrative leaders, including Md. Emran Uddin, Associate Professor & Head of the Department of Business Administration, Mr. Tarek Islam (Registrar), Md. Enamul Haque (Director of Finance), Mihir Kanti Choudhury (Deputy Registrar), Kh. Md. Rajin Saleh Alam (Assistant Director of Sports), and Rupa Islam (Officer of Exam).

Metropolitan University not only serves as an academic hub but also as a tourist attraction, drawing visitors daily. The establishment of a small-scale tea garden, as highlighted by Dr. Toufique Rahman Chowdhury, aims to showcase the rich heritage of Sylhet, renowned as the 'Land of Two Leaves and a Bud,' and a leading region in the country for tea production.

The collective efforts of the university's leadership and participants underscore the institution's holistic approach toward creating a sustainable and environmentally conscious campus, reflecting a shared commitment to a greener tomorrow.

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