Metropolitan University Team Andromeda Shines in KUET EEE Day 2023 Case Gambit Finals

In a remarkable achievement, a team from Metropolitan University has reached the final round of the prestigious KUET EEE Day 2023 Case Gambit competition. Team Andromeda, comprised of exceptionally talented individuals, has demonstrated their dedication to excellence and innovation by making it to the finals of this challenging contest.

The team members of Andromeda have an impressive track record, having previously participated in renowned competitions such as the Hult Prize 2023 final round, SUST Astro Olympiad 2023, and AIBA Marketiniacs 3.0 earlier this year. They harnessed their collective expertise to develop a groundbreaking “Waste to Energy” project, competing against more than 70 teams representing universities from across the country, including several teams from Metropolitan University.

Team Andromeda’s journey to the final round of the Case Gambit began with their compelling submission of a case in the form of slides. Their innovation and dedication have set them apart, securing their place among the top 15 teams in this highly competitive event.

Notably, the team’s efforts extended beyond the competition itself. They created an impactful OVC video focused on “Waste Disposal Awareness.” Their video garnered the third-highest reach among the 70+ teams that participated, emphasizing the importance of their message. This success was made possible by the overwhelming support they received from friends, colleagues, juniors, seniors, and well-wishers, all of whom rallied behind them.

The creation of the OVC video was a labor of love that spanned four days, involving the collection of clips from various locations in Sylhet town. These clips were meticulously edited to meet the Case Study criteria, highlighting the team’s dedication to every aspect of the competition. In addition, they invested three more days in meticulously planning, preparing, and organizing their slides for submission.

With the final round of the KUET EEE Day 2023 Case Gambit approaching, Team Andromeda is calling for prayers and support from everyone. Their journey is a testament to the spirit of innovation, teamwork, and determination that defines Metropolitan University.

Team Andromeda Members:

Toufiq Ahmed Joy [CSE-59]
Dewan Eram Hasan [BBA-59]
Asif Mohammad Tazwar [Economics-20]
Sadia Ahmed [CSE-59]

Stay tuned as we follow the journey of these remarkable individuals as they represent Metropolitan University in the final round at KUET campus, where they aim to leave an indelible mark on the competition and inspire others with their dedication and ingenuity

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