Remarkable Success at the 4th SUST Astro Carnival
Metropolitan University has demonstrated remarkable success at the 4th SUST Astro Carnival, which took place at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology (SUST). The university's teams secured the first, second, and third positions among over 50 participating teams from various public and private universities across the country, including BUET. In the water rocket category, Metropolitan University's students achieved a clean sweep by winning all the team awards. The competition witnessed outstanding performances by the university's students, showcasing their talent and dedication. Pritam Paul and Zareen Alam's team, known as 'Bangadarshan' from the Computer Science and Engineering Department, clinched the championship. Nazifa Islam Naureen's team 'N2O' from the Software Engineering Department secured the second position, while Urmila Majumdar, Samchunnahar Jichha, and Junayed Sarkar Shaon, also from the Computer Science and Engineering Department, grabbed the third place with their project 'Action Astrology.' Additionally, Prithila Das's team 'Astro Pioneer' secured fourth place, and 'Phoenix,' led by Noor A Jannat Shuchi, Khatun A Jannat Shashi, and Abid Shahriar, secured the sixth position. Furthermore, students from Metropolitan University participated in the Astro Olympiad, with teams 'Andromeda,' led by Sadia Ahmed, Dewan Iram Hasan, and Taufiq Ahmed Joy, and 'Metaeroic Marvels,' consisting of Jayant Shekhar Gupta Joy, Sultan Al Islam, Varsha, and Joy. The closing and prize distribution ceremony for the SUST Astro Carnival, organized by CAM SUST, was held on Saturday, September 9, in the central auditorium of the university.

On September 13, the winning students met the Vice Chancellor, Professor Dr. Mohammad Jahirul Hoque, at his office. During the meeting, Professor Dr. Hoque extended his heartfelt congratulations to the victorious students. He emphasized that their outstanding performance reflects the university's dedication to nurturing talent and fostering academic excellence. He further praised Metropolitan University for consistently upholding a culture of excellence that not only benefits students in the classroom but also positions them for success on a global scale.

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