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Nawshad Ahmed Chowdhury
Head, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering


Welcome to the web page of the Department of the Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Metropolitan University. We are delighted to see you exploring our web site and considering us as one of the Institution you may join. By scrolling around, you should be able to learn about our exciting Undergraduate day and evening(For Diploma Degree holders) programs, curriculum, admission information, our energetic & dynamic faculty and staff, brochure, leading-edge facilities, research & publications etc.

We are located in the beautiful city of Sylhet which is renowned for its breathtaking natural beauty of Bangladesh. As one of the best EEE departments of Bangladesh and best EEE department of Sylhet, we started our journey in Spring term 2012 and are continuing innovation and excellence in teaching, research and services to communities. We graduated students who worked and hold key positions in the country and around the globe and we produced some successful research results that are nationally and internationally recognized. We hire top faculties, attract the best graduate students and develop world-class facilities. We have 9 full-time faculty members; among them, two are the Member of the IEEE, one is the member of the International Association of Engineers and each one of them is a minimum Post-graduate degree holder from the top Universities of Bangladesh. We collaborate with the Government (A2I Innovation Hub) , power generation, telecommunication and electronic companies, other universities, and centers of excellence through the basic and applied research programs and contracts. Undergraduate students of EEE department has a broader range of carrier choice since they get the opportunity to do major in any one from four different subjects (Electronics, Power, Communication & Computer). Our undergraduate students contribute directly to advancements in applied science and technology through their final year projects. They participate in different National and International Robotics Competition and are making us proud by bringing in success regularly. Several of our projects have been showcased in the Prime Minister’s office and National Election Commission.

In summary, we are passionate and committed to the education of electrical and electronic engineers, to research, and to the community and just like the University, our objectives are – to provide best quality education in a student-oriented university, to be a center of excellence in research and publication, and to reach out to the community and the job sector.

Look around and find out more about us.

Nawshad Ahmed Chowdhury
Assistant Professor & Head,
Dept. of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Metropolitan University
Sylhet-3100, Bangladesh.

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