Message from the Dean

Sheikh Ashrafur Rahaman
Dean, School of Law Metropolitan University


I feel extremely proud to be the part of the School of Law of Metropolitan University, Bangladesh and feel pleasure to lead the students, faculties, alumni and the mechanism attached to this University. It is only fifteen years of its age, but meanwhile this University has made a room of its reputation here at Sylhet region. It’s my cordial desire that the School of Law will be able to add something more to the ongoing process of the University. The campus is located at the place attached to the main high way road surrounded by excellent natural beauty and good communication facilities. The logistic supports provided by the University authority are sufficient enough to place the institution in the good height of its acceptability.

The School of Law of Metropolitan University, Bangladesh is heartily committed to provide all the excellence of the requirements and necessities what the law students generally need for the utmost fulfillment of their practical achievements, and the mechanism of the School is so designed and framed that they feel the academic atmosphere congenial for the betterment of their onward brightness and materialization of their dreams.
Legal education belongs to the group of such socio-engineering discipline which is considered to be one of the growing subjects of the world. Legal education has now expanded its dimension keeping full consistency with the adjustability of the internationalization. School of Law of Metropolitan University, Bangladesh is not far away from running with the race of the on-going process of legal education. Henceforth, the School of Law is committed to produce the students who will be able to run the race successfully.

The School of Law offers graduates and post-graduates programmes i.e., LL.B. (Hons.) and LL.M. programmes. The School is focused on producing the graduates competent enough to be engaged in all possible fields of application of legal education. Apart from being engaged exclusively in legal profession, they have the options to chalk out the destinations variously. Now legal profession has extended its area from the traditional court concept to the international arena. The students of this School can be well conversant with all these. They can be corporate lawyers, mediation and arbitration experts, and professionals to draft legal instruments, policy-makers, researchers and academics, diplomats and so on and so forth to meet up the diverse requirements of legal human resource. Judiciary is the sole platform to have entry of a law student; the School of Law of Metropolitan University has set up the mechanism in such a way that they can participate in the competition efficiently and successfully. Simultaneously they are widely in the context of exploring their options to the tests of Civil Services and likewise exams.

Infrastructurally, the School of Law of this University is well-equipped with sufficient number of books, academic and reporting journals and other reference materials. It has also access to use multiple online law related databases. Wi-Fi available campus helps the students to use online updated database facilities. Class-rooms are well-equipped with useful projectors to be used for power-points. They are as well provided with Moot Court facilities. In fact, the School of Law is so designed that students can apply themselves both theoretically and practically efficiently and successfully. They are taken to the courts for gaining practical knowledge before they complete the academic degrees so that they can cope with the on-going procedural processes of the court. The students are also engaged in extra-academic activities, such as, debating, moot court, indoor and out-door sports.

All the details of all the programmes of the School of Law are available on the website and you are cordially invited to visit the website and the university campus for cross-checking the reality of the website availability.

With Best Wishes
Sheikh Ashrafur Rahaman
Dean In-Charge, School of Law

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