Messages from the Head

Md. Emran Uddin
Associate Professor and Head Department of Business Administration
 Metropolitan University


Welcome to the website of the Department of Business Administration of Metropolitan University, Sylhet.

The Department of Business Administration is a highly acclaimed, dynamic and forward-looking department. It is committed to staying at the forefront of developments in research, education and entrepreneurship. The Department operated as a center of academic excellence is manifested in the significant research output of the faculty and the professional success of its graduates. The department equips students with high-quality academic learning and multifaceted skills. Students acquire advanced knowledge in the fields of business management and business communication along with a solid basis on Business Administration and relevant fields of Applied Economics. The Department supplies qualified graduates specialized in different business areas to industry with contemporary management skills. Business Administration Department at present runs two programs simultaneously namely, BBA program (equivalent to 4-Year Honors) and MBA program (equivalent to a Masters degree). The students of Business Administration Department have the opportunity to specialize in one of the following major areas:

 Accounting Information Systems
 Management Information Systems
 Human Resource Management
 Finance, and

The Department of Business Administration has a carefully designed curriculum at the undergraduate and the graduate levels which offers a wide range of knowledge (Management, Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Quantitative Methods, Law, New Technologies, etc.) aiming at integrating business education with the recent developments and providing of future leaders in the private and public sectors. Our mission, objectives, cognitive and administrative skills, communication and social forms of behavior will create executives who able to play a key role in organizations and to open new prospects of forming and developing the leaders of tomorrow. The close ties of the department with the business community, the opportunities for internships and international mobility, and the focus of the program on skills such as complexity management, critical thinking, and creativity, enhance graduates’ competitive advantage in the job market.

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