Message from the Dean

Prof. Suresh Ranjan Basak PhD
Dean School of Humanities & Social Sciences
 Metropolitan University


Welcome to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, Metropolitan University. Since its inception, the School of Humanities and Social Sciences has fostered, among all students, faculty and alumni, a symbiosis of knowledge, values, creativity and adaptability in an increasingly difficult world. We have  cared for an academic atmosphere where an understanding of history and literature, enquiry into cross-border cultures and societies, looking back and forth at the archives of human experiences through literature and language can add to the ethical, aesthetic, intellectual and practical acquisitions of our undergraduate and graduate students. Through the diverse areas of study the School offers, students develop necessary communication skills, learn to critically explore the world of literatures with contemporary trends and get familiarized with the evolution of language, besides preparing themselves in a diverse range of careers.

The School at present offers three programs under the Department of English. The programs are : B A Honors in English (a four-year program), M A in English (a one-year program) and M A Preliminary and Final (A two-year program).Each of the programs focuses on Literatures, Languages, Linguistics, SLA, Creative writing, Literary Theories, Research Methodology etc. We also offer a range of interdisciplinary minor courses like Computer Application, Environment and Ecology, History, Sociology, Anthropology, Bangladesh Studies, Functional Bangla etc. to groom the would-be graduates with adequate multi-disciplinary knowledge to create new knowledge as well as to impart the skills and competencies necessary for success in professional fields. I would like to add that we are earnestly working to incorporate more disciplines under the School to bring a unique, holistic academic unity in diversity.

We have a rich, dedicated and scholarly faculty who learn and teach, create and help create knowledge, research and publish thus inspiring the students to undertake their own mandatory research works / dissertation at the final phase of the program. The Metropolitan University School of Humanities and Social Sciences publishes a yearly journal titled Metropolitan University Journal of English ( ISSN No. 2414-720X) which has been widely acclaimed both at home and abroad for its originality and high intellectual standard.

Beyond the walls of classrooms, our students remain active in co-curricular, extra-curricular activities and community work. Seminars, workshops and presentations are complemented with sports, exhibitions, musical soirees and staging of dramas. This what we are like and we aspire to be.

Please visit our website  and feel the breath we breathe in and out !

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