School of Science & Technology

School of Science and Technology started its journey in 2003 with only  the Department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) offering the program B Sc in  Computer and Information Science (CIS)  and a  few number of undergraduate students. But its mission, vision and creative activities of the University authority and teachers of the department pulled this school on the current settings of       well-running two departments, Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Electrical and Electronic Engineering(EEE). These two departments are enriched with sufficient equipment , laboratories  and a good number of well-qualified permanent faculty members. CSE department provides two programs at undergraduate level (B Sc in Computer Science and Engineering) and one M Sc  in Management and Information Systems.  EEE department also offers two programs at undergraduate level (B Sc in Electrical and Electronic Engineering). These programs are offered to those students who intend to acquire a sound theoretical & technical knowledge in practical based field of science. The school provides the students with sufficient classrooms and 8 (eight) ACL, GCL, ACM, Innovation and Electronic circuit laboratories.

Program structure and duration of B Sc in CSE are  of 152 credits in 12 semesters (day shift) and152 credits in 10 semesters (evening shift) , M Sc in MIS is of 60 credits in 6 semesters with Thesis work. Program structure and duration of B Sc in EEE are also of 150  credits in 12 semesters (day shift) and 150 credits in 9 semesters (evening shift).

A student who has passed SSC & HSC from Science group or equivalent public examinations with a  minimum of  GPA 2.5 ( on a scale of 5.00) in each may apply for admission to the undergraduate programs . Students who have minimum of GPA 2.00 in either  SSC and or HSC  but a total of GPA 6.00 can apply. Students must have background in Physics and Mathematics. For the  students of ‘A’ level, at least 5 subjects with minimum GPA 2.5 in ‘O’ level and 2 subjects in ‘A’ level with GPA 2.5  are also eligible to apply.

Minimum requirements to get admission into the program M Sc in MIS are as follows : (i) 4-year Bachelor Degree in Mathematics/Statistics/Physics or any related field, (ii) ) 4-year Bachelor Degree in Business/Computing; students will be exempted from some of the courses completed at the undergraduate level. (iii) Bachelor Degree in any subject with minimum  4 years’ working experience. (iv) 4-year Bachelor or 3-year Honors and 1 year Masters in Computer Science and related field who satisfies the following conditions are eligible for admission into the program. At least 5 points from the following table are required to apply

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