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Metropolitan University

Metropolitan University was established in 2003 by an eminent social worker, Dr. Toufique Rahman Chowdhury with the approval of the Ministry of Education.

Metropolitan University is magnificently decorated with up to date facilities and services. City campus of the University is situated in the heart of the city.

Metropolitan University is working to make properly educated, technologically efficient, highly productive class citizens to attain glorious successes.

Metropolitan University has their own online Portal to cover all the news and activities. This online portal allows access from anywhere in the globe.


As a University of third millennium, Metropolitan University is performing to collaborate and make affairs with some other well known institutes of the world. Therefore, the University is proudly being recognised by renowned organisations or institutes. Internationally recognised agency, Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC).

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Award & Achievement

Metropolitan University has been approved and accredited by the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh and University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh. Honourable President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh is the Chancellor of the University. Besides, Metropolitan University is an Institutional Member of Association of Management Development Institution in South Asia.

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International Recognition

Metropolitan University is a member and has active collaboration with the following institutions/organisations. There are some renowned organisations or institutions which have recognised and accepted Metropolitan University for showing excellent performance in education. ASIC recognised Metropolitan University as a "Premier University" for commendable grades in 6 key areas. The areas are:

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Wi-Fi Facilities

Campus is Fully Covered with High Speed Wi-Fi Internet


Labs are set with Sophisticated Equipment


Amazingly Decorated Air Conditioned Classrooms


Enormous Number of Books are available in the Library


Classic Cafeteria Serves Spicy but Healthy Foods and Drinks


Excellent Academic Surroundings at Center of the City

Student Statistics

Our Campus enjoys a rich and thriving student experience. Here are some quick statistics and student numbers:

Students Graduating With Degree


Female Students


Male Students

Grand Total Students

Why Choose Us?

Financial Support

Metropolitan University offers various scholarship schemes to financially support the meritorious students.

Metropolitan University is a member and has active collaboration with the following institutions or organizations. The Association of Commonwealth Universities. Birmingham City University, UK. British Council. Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia. Association of Management Development Institutions in Bangladesh.
There is a full-fledged research cell named 'Center for Research and Publication' working within the Metropolitan University under the supervision of a Professor. Teaching and research should go side by side. Teaching with research can become more useful, effective and interesting than without it
Students with good academic records from other recognised Universities are eligible to transfer their credits to Metropolitan University. Credit transfer facilities are also available for the students of Metropolitan University to transfer their credits to some other renowned Universities of Canada, USA, UK and Australia.


Metropolitan University organises Orientation Programme for the new students at the start of every Semester. They are introduced with Faculty, Lab, Library and related staff through the programme. The students are also given guidelines how to spend next four years in the University and use available resources of the University.

Successful Career

Everyone wants to build a successful career to get promoted, gain new responsibility and authority and earn a higher salary. It is Metropolitan University where you enter to learn and exit to lead.

Metropolitan University arranges many types of cultural programmes for their students and teachers. It is very important for a student to take part in these kinds of programmes to understand and realise the culture, heritage, values and traditions of his/her nation. Basically, cultural programmes of variety are held in the University. Of them, the significant events are Bosontho Uthsob, Pahela Baishak, International Mother Language Day, Rabindra-Nazrul Anniversary, Victory Day, Independence Day etc. Moreover, there are also some in-house programmes. These include Dramas, Recitation, Dance Performances, publication of Wall Magazine etc. These are regarded as additional activities of the students which are both supplementary and complimentary to their course of study. Cultural Programmes play a vital role in the practical life of a student.

Rover Scout programmes are exciting and adventurous and they provide opportunities to practise new skills. Metropolitan University Rover Scout Team is habitually performing their duties to maintain various events and programmes. They have engaged themselves in the welfare of the University and the society as well. Metropolitan University Rover Scouts dedicate themselves to the welfare of humanity along with their study. Rover Scouts always try their best to keep them well prepared, inspired and encouraged following their motto. Students from any department can be a member of Metropolitan University Rover Scout Team.

Clubs and Organisations are important to build a strong social bondage among the students. There are some dynamic clubs and organisations currently active in the University Campus such as University Debate Club, Metropolitan University Photographic Society, Leadership Development Forum, Prothom Alo Bondhu-Sobha etc. These are very popular in the Campus for their different activities and friendly and helpful manner. Not only the students but also the teachers of several departments are directly involved in these Clubs and Organisations of University.

Latest Update

Message From The Founder & Chairman

Dr. Toufique Rahman Chowdhury

The Metropolitan University has traversed a length of thirteen years since its inception in May 2003. A decade or a couple of years added to that can hardly set a tradition, yet our promises of imparting proper and adequate higher education have started bearing fruits. We have been able to make our presence felt, that is to say, we exist and we are growing as we have planned and expected. The launching of the Website of the University is definitely a forward leap; we now open up our doors to the global students.We are working here with devotion and with a vision for a bright tomorrow. We believe that the tomorrow will be visibly shining. Please lend us your support to help us grow as we have chalked out.

Message From The Vice Chancellor

Prof. Md. Saleh Uddin Ph D

Metropolitan University was established in 2003 with the mission of providing quality tertiary education at an affordable cost. Located, far away from the nation's capital, in the holy city of Sylhet, the university has been engaged in shaping up the future citizens of the country, in grooming them as 'whole' human beings imbued with values, love for their country and roots, and equipped with proper knowledge and expertise in related fields. Thirteen years is not a great stretch of time to reach any peak but we are determined to make it. We pledge to go ahead with the vision of making Metropolitan University an enviable seat of academic excellence.

Latest From The News Room

Accreditation and Collaboration

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