Welcome to Metropolitan University

Metropolitan University (MU) have over 10 years’ experience of providing education and training. The welcoming and supportive environment of MU always put first the needs of students. We ensure professionally sound faculty members dedicated to students. It is established to be a unique destination for those who want to get quality university education at an affordable cost in Sylhet, Bangladesh. You are welcome to visit us from Saturday to Thursday from 9:00 am to 5 pm or talk to a member of ou...

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Autumn Admission 2014

Autumn Admission 2014

Admission for Autumn 2014 term is going. We proudly announce the newly started program, B.Sc. (honor...


The next convocation of Metropolitan University will be held in the second half of January 2015. Stu...
Autumn Orientation 2014

Autumn Orientation 2014

Orientation of the newly admitted students in different programs for Autumn Term  in Metropolitan Un...

Gabriel Garcia Marquez Remembered

Investiture ceremony of MU Rovers

Prof. Mohammad Ataul Karim Visits MU


Another full and facinating day in Bangladesh with our last angagement at this Metropolitan University. Most impressive high quality establi...
Cllr Ann John
Robert Evans MEP
Thank you very much for the invitationto the Metropolitan University. I wish all ever success for the future.
Robert Evans MEP
It has been a great pleasure to visit the university and see the excellent facilities , and the positive working environment. I wish you eve...
Mike Sherriff
Georg Gadou, PHD
I was amazed by the friendly atmosphere of the campus , the positive spent and the charming of space.
Georg Gadow, PHD
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